Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dumpster dresser - phase 2

Most of my Thanksgiving break has been spent wrestling with this dresser re-do.  I'm using milk paint so I had to make sure the thing was fully stripped.  Milk paint doesn't stick to anything but bare wood.  As I was installing the new sides I made I couldn't help but notice the dresser always looked twisted.  Turns out one leg was 35.5", one was 35", one was 34.5", and the last was 34", no joke.  I'm guessing someone had this on the side of a hill or something??

Another issue was that the top was too small.  I think we're missing a piece or maybe this had a mirror at one time.  I ended up making a 'backstop' with the same curve as the front.

Next steps are putting poly in the drawer fronts, waxing the paint, and installing the drawer knobs.  I spent 2 hours alone stripping paint from those things.  You should need a license to buy paint.  If you ever paint hinges, knobs, key holes, or on top of 3 other layers, you lose your license.

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  1. I think your mother just lost her painting license!!!