Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well, it seemed to take forever but in looking back it didn't take much time at all.  We are finally in our new house.  The kids are loving the big basement and their new playroom.  They also like having their own rooms.  Afton has adjusted better than we expected.  The place is completely disorganized but our stuff is here so that's what matters.

Mom and Dad, thanks so much for all your help over the last week.  It would have been impossible to get moved without your help!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Move in ready

Mom and dad came out to visit this weekend.  They have been a tremendous help with packing, moving, landscaping, installing, and especially kid wrangling.  We don't have an occupancy permit yet since we don't have sod and gutters, but the county did give us permission to move things in.  I'm told if we get too tired moving things and fall asleep in the house, the county will probably not be checking.  So the plan is to be all moved in Monday(and hope no one catches us sleeping there), get final grade on the lot Monday, sod on Tuesday, and gutters on Wednesday.  After that we will get out occupancy permit.

The landscape crew we hired did their work on Wednesday.  They brought top soil in for the beds and planted 2 trees and a few of the bigger bushes.

Then mom and Miranda went to work and planted a bunch more plants.

After that, dad made a mulch run and knocked out most of the mulching while I was stuck at work Saturday morning.  I'm sooo glad this is done as I hate mulching.

I was able to get the garage door hardware installed.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting close

They are starting to put the final touches on the house.  We now have a driveway and a mailbox so we're on the map.  We had the walk through this morning and it went well, no major issues to address.  The only pending items are:
glass shower doors
down spouts
couple things to paint
final grade and sod (they did flower beds this afternoon but I haven't been up yet)

Worlds smallest deck.  We'll have to deal with this until we put a deck on.

I liked the smaller, straight into the door stairs but apparently if you have more than three stairs, code requires a landing and handrail.  This will make moving in a bit harder.

Fireplace in action.

New outside lights.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Project - Sellers cabinet

Miranda has been wanting a Hoosier type cabinet for the new house.  Apparently these are very popular right now so they are hard to come by cheap, even if they look like they got hit by a truck.  Two of the big name manufacturers are Sellers and Hoosier (I guess they were mostly made in Indiana, hence the name Hoosier).  Well as luck would have it I took advantage of a Craigslist no-show and picked up this beauty for $100.  It's a Sellers and I haven't seen one cheaper than $300, even in terrible condition.  I'll fix it up and we'll decide if we want to re-sell it or keep it.  I don't quite understand the attraction, but the food 'how-to' and sand timer inside the doors are pretty cool.  If anything it will be a good excuse to buy more tools.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Exterior paint, more dirt, start of carpet, and more...

Before fill dirt and grade.

After fill dirt and grade.

We got the hearth stone replaced as the color was way too light before.



Carpet pad in all the rooms

Plumbing fixtures

Final coat of stucco

Girls bathroom

Laundry room

Master bath

Test drive

Avery did that on her own.  It is not a new parenting technique.