Sunday, July 3, 2011

New Project - Sellers cabinet

Miranda has been wanting a Hoosier type cabinet for the new house.  Apparently these are very popular right now so they are hard to come by cheap, even if they look like they got hit by a truck.  Two of the big name manufacturers are Sellers and Hoosier (I guess they were mostly made in Indiana, hence the name Hoosier).  Well as luck would have it I took advantage of a Craigslist no-show and picked up this beauty for $100.  It's a Sellers and I haven't seen one cheaper than $300, even in terrible condition.  I'll fix it up and we'll decide if we want to re-sell it or keep it.  I don't quite understand the attraction, but the food 'how-to' and sand timer inside the doors are pretty cool.  If anything it will be a good excuse to buy more tools.


  1. I think you found a good deal. Looks to me like there is not much to do on it. Good buy!!


  2. Congrats on another good find! Looks like someone else is getting the furniture bug...

  3. Great deal and find!!!! Different top than the one that I had & got rid of before your love of antiques. I don't think you will part with it when you get it done, but I sure would be interested. Miranda - you sure scored this time!!! Mom