Friday, December 23, 2011

Fire Truck Bed

Well, I finished Drew's Christmas present just in time.  Below you'll find the coolest (google it, you'll see) toddler fire truck bed in existence.  He is probably too young to appreciate it, but my girls have assured me that its very cool.  It has a toy box in the front, book holders on the side, and small nic/nac shelf on top.  I had no plans for this, just winged it.

The number 33 is from a fire truck the girls always see at a station close to work.

The very beginning...

Sister safe axe, it doesn't come off.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Magazine Rack

I friend of ours, Evon, gave me some table leaves that no longer belonged to a table.  I decided to make a magazine rack out of one of them.  I believe the wood is cherry.  It looks really nice after finishing.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Doll house for the girls....shhh, it's for Christmas

I started this project thinking it would take me just a few evenings.  It ended up taking lots of evenings, many more than expected.  Anyway, this is hardly fine woodworking but I'm hoping the girls get a kick out of it.  It's about 4' tall, made from 2x2's and cheap plywood, and probably weighs 60 pounds.  It's definitely more sturdy than anything we would find at Walmart.  I'm not this creative, got the plans from

Yes, that's real vinyl flooring.

I used free carpet samples from a flooring store.

This room even has chair rail.

Here are some pictures of the build.  A lot of time was spend sanding the very rough 2x2s I had on hand.  I wanted to make sure this thing was splinter free.

This is after the first coat of shellac.  I did this first coat by hand.

Finishing by hand took way too long so I used my sprayer.  The frame of this house has about 5 coats of shellac.  The final 4 took less time than the first one I did by hand.

Pink shingles.

More pink and some baby blue.

The checkered floor is my favorite part.