Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mud Room Part 1

We have lots of plans for our mud room, but we're starting with a simple bead board wall with a shelf and some hooks.  We are currently in the 'trust me I know what I'm doing phase.'  It's pretty ugly as I had to make a few holes to run electic.  I added a wall outlet then another outlet for a charging station.  I only got shocked once and all the outlets work so I'm calling that a win.  So far the charging station design is what you see, a hole in the wall.  I'm hoping my creativeness kicks in so I can finish that one....

That odd shaped hole in the lower half of the wall was made so I could swing a hammer to install the gang box.  I think that if you buy one of those battery powered hammers you should lose your man card, but it sure would have come in handy today.

 I'm sure this breaks a few electric codes, but it works.

I think writing on a vertical surface messes with Avery's sense of direction.  Every number was written backwards, except the zero.

I let the kids write on the wall before covering it.  I told them they could do anything they wanted BELOW the pencil line.  Notice how the bunny ears test the boundaries.

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