Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rustic van door trim

In our house we're usually followers of the 'you make a mess, you clean it up' rule.  That's a lie, it's actually the 'wait it out until mom gets annoyed and cleans it for us' rule.  However if that doesn't work, rule one is usually followed.

A couple days ago my lovely wife made a mess.  She smacked the side of the garage with the van door and ripped off a piece of door trim.  As she does so many times for us, I decided to step up and clean the mess for her.  

Knowing how much she likes pallet crafts and the rustic look, I decided to incorporate that into the van.  I love it!  Kind of reminds of the classic 'woody' station wagons.

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  1. Ok, this has me rolling! That is so funny. I feel your pain, Miranda.