Wednesday, August 7, 2013

DIY sliding barn door

If you search the internet for sliding barn door hardware you'll be shocked at how expensive they are. Miranda wanted one and I wasn't about to shell out $400, so I just made it.  The 'hooks' on the door are 2" plate steel that I heated with a torch and bent around a 1" dowel.  The long slider is just another piece of plate steel.  The wheels are garage door pulleys.  The round attachment points touching the wall are dowels with a lag bolt through the middle.  Everything including nuts and bolts were hit with black spray paint.  I probably could have found something cheaper than buying the plate steel at Home Depot, but even with that I probably have $50 in this setup.

Closeup of the garage door pulley.

... and yes, it slides like butter.


  1. Very well done Chad. I love it!


  2. Who's going to be taking the first ride across the wall? Nice.