Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hand tools

I'm starting to have a real appreciation for hand tools.  Mostly because they're the only thing I can use while the kids are asleep.  Second, they do a whole bunch of things a power tool (at least the ones I have) can't really do.  

The piece on the bottom is the seat of yet another rustic bar stool that I'm building.  The concave seat had all sorts of band saw marks, glue, and 2 uneven halves.  I took a card scraper and cleaned up the hold thing.  I could have done this with a belt sander but my shop would have been covered in a (another) layer of dust.  Now I just have that small pile of shavings.

The piece on top is what might be the binder of a book shaped humidor.  I shaped this entirely with my Stanley smoothing plane and WoodRiver block plane.  More exciting posts to come on that.

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