Sunday, July 15, 2012

Craftsman quality...err, junk

It seems the bunk bed build was a bit too hard on some of my lower quality tools.  Guess I'll have to head over to Harbor Freight (or Harbor Frank as Avery would say) to replace them with some disposable tools.

It started with my planer.  It was acting like it was running out of gas, however it's of course electric.  It turns out the switch was going bad.  See the fried black connector below.

The planer is now hard wired to bypass the switch.  When I plug it in, it takes off.  This piece of crap seems like a fire hazard so I'll have to keep an eye on it.  

The second item to bite it was my Skil random orbit sander.  Well, now it just orbits, there's nothing random about it.  The bearing in the picture below is completely seized up.  The sander just spins like an angle grinder... not good for fine finishing.

Next we move up to the kitchen.  When we built we spent some extra money on 'top quality' Krapmore appliances.  Our $900 microwave is now nothing more than a white noise generator.  It runs and spins food, but doesn't heat it.  We're now using our $35 Kroger microwave that will probably last long enough to go to college with Drew.  I'm starting to learn that everything built anymore is junk.  Even though it has a different name tag it's all from the low standard factory.

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